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Allison Korn Designs

 About Allison Korn Designs 

I am a metal clay artist based in Brattleboro, Vermont. I create my own designs and make all my jewelry myself by hand. After living in Ecuador for ten years, in 2014 my family and I moved to Vermont, where I decided I was going to turn my jewelry making into a business. I have two children, and draw my inspiration for my jewelry from my own personal journeys in life, from the Andes Mountains, and from the Green Mountains of Vermont.

In 2012 I found myself in the middle of a masters in anthropology program in Canada, completely burnt out from academia. I realized that while I had done creative things my whole life, I had always pushed them aside to do the things I was “supposed to do.” I knew I wanted to dedicate my energy to something creative and I decided that I wanted to make silver jewelry.

A year later, I discovered a thing called “Metal Clay” online, but we were living in Ecuador and I had no way to purchase the product or access classes. Later, on a trip to the U.S., I bought a small package of 50 grams of metal clay and thought, “If I can make a piece of jewelry out of this, I’m going to become a jeweler.” That was the beginning of my jewelry career.Between finishing my masters thesis and being a full-time mom to two young boys, I taught myself how to make jewelry at home by watching videos online, making lots of mistakes, and also having some things turn out just the way I wanted, which encouraged me to keep going.

When we moved to Vermont in 2014 I began my jewelry business. I knew in my heart this is what I wanted, so I gave it my all. I am so happy I did. Over time I have developed my own style that comes from my heart. This art allows me to bring my inner creativity to life and to help others on their own journeys. My intention is to give back to life and to others by creating wearable pieces of art that help empower, connect, and heal.