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Welcome to the Green Mountain Market

November, 2020

Welcome to the Green Mountain Market

Journal Entry By Freddie
November, 2020

2020 has been a year. The world often feels like it is falling apart, and we're more divided than ever. Most of my interactions have turned digital. Zoom chats, comment sections, blogs, social media, rabbit holes upon dark space rabbit holes. I can't remember how many times I've read “unprecedented times.” I miss feeling truly connected to people around me; to my community. Walking down the street, talking to neighbors, going to farmer markets, discovering something new, buying local… All of these used to be so normal, easy. The world has shifted, and more than ever, people are buying all of their goods online. Although the convenience is great, the economic impact to the little guys can't go unnoticed. Mom and Pops are closing and Big Box is taking over. I like to think of myself as a “buy local, buy clean/eco friendly” type of person, but as many times as I've read “unprecedented times” I've also clicked ‘‘proceed to checkout’ from you know who... How can we end this cycle? What does all of this online shopping mean to your small community, or the small communities you love to visit? Sure, I need toilet paper, but I also want to stay local. 

So during quarantine, my fiance and I began to ask the question: what can we do to help?

What resources do we have? What connections can we make? How can we help our local community? I want maple syrup, but don't want to leave my quarantine. Let’s create an online farmers market. Just for Vermont products.

So we did just that. We’ve partnered with Vermont.com, (a Vermont tourism site that has been around for over 20 years!! That's the 90s internet, people!) to bring you the Green Mountain Market. 

Our mission is to help support the Makers + Farmers of the Green Mountains by showcasing their unique, sustainable, locally-made products to a vibrant and active online community. We aim to curate a collection of products - sourced solely from within our state - that exemplify the quality craftsmanship and design of Vermont. In doing so, we hope to deliver a piece of the Green Mountain ethos directly to your home. 

So please, take a look, shop around, and “proceed to checkout” to support real, small-time makers + farmers, real Vermonters. Whether you're from here, or vacation here, many of us have a soft spot for the Green Mountain State. Help us stay around. After all, We Are Vermont.

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