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This just in: Bar Soap is back.

November, 2020

This just in: Bar Soap is back.

Journal Entry By Freddie
November, 2020

How many plastic bottles do you have in your shower right now? I asked this simple question to some of my friends. Like most friend groups, we differ greatly from being sporty/girly/crunchy/zen, the full spectrum. And you want to know the average answer? 7. Seven plastic bottles was on average the number at any given time in my collective friends showers. Here I am happy to protest to save mother earth, to fight climate change, to buy everything eco-friendly when possible, but I still have x amount of junk plastic in my shower. And let's be totally honest, maybe it'll be recycled if i'm being good, or realistically, maybe it'll be thrown in the bathroom trash bin and collected later to be thrown away.

Well that's it. It is time to make a change. How can I stop the plastic habit? Do people still use bar soap? Well, I am happy to report - bar soap is back and here to stay, baby! 

To be honest, the only person I know that consistently uses and buys barred soap - is 75 years old.. But I think he's onto something. Why am I buying so many products? And what the heck is actually inside this bottle? Well as I dove into internet research - as one does - I found out what I probably knew to be true but didn't want to hear; the products I use on my bare body every day- is really full of crap. Detergents. Synthetics. Artificial colors, scents, and chemicals that definitely don't make me feel clean on the inside.

I want something better. I want eco friendly products and I want clean products - and I'm not the only one. The hunt for better products for our body and environments has been on many people's minds lately, and I can only hope it gets ingrained into our culture, we can do better. And this change does not have to be a bad thing! I finally switched to using exclusively bar soap and I am so happy I did! I have been loving lathering up with a bar and really embracing the aromas, the ambiance, the experience of real soap! It reminds me of being at a fancy hotel, or like creating my own spa experience!

My go-to right now is anything by Grace and Miss Mouse Soaps. Miss Mouse (Judy Lidie) and her daughter, Danielle, produce a wide array of fantastic-smelling small-batch soaps, operating out of beautiful Bellow Falls, Vermont. I am absolutely in love with their line of barred soap and can't wait to use up one bar to get onto the next scent! Every scent brings a new feeling and vibe to my shower. The soap is refreshingly back to basics. It makes me feel happy in my soul to be using real soap again. No more detergent mystery bottles. Real soap with real ingredients! My current obsession? Basil Lime. On deck? Vermont Forest.

Grace and Miss Mouse Soap also has a specialty Sheepโ€™s-milk line, in collaboration with Vermont Shepard from Westminster, Vermont. If you want to up your barred soap game, sheepโ€™s milk brings it to the next level. Super moisturizing, exfoliating oatmeal. Complete luxury. 

So to break it down:

The soap? Dare I say, life changing?

The packaging? Biodegradable paper. 

The makers? Bad-ass. Women-owned. Local. The trifecta.

So if you're ready to ditch the plastic, to be eco friendly, to support a local business, and to support female entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for? Try one of Grace and Miss Mouse Soap Bundles here exclusively from the Green Mountain Market. Weโ€™ve curated five different bundles that we think will satisfy any persona! 

Vibrant Vermonter Bundle: Vermont Forest, Vermont Maple, Lilac

Flower Child Bundle: Hippy Dippy, Lavender Patchouli, Dragons Blood 

Vermont Buck Bundle: Barbershop, IPA Beer Suds, Basil Lime

Clean Life Bundle: Auntie Septic, Fresh Linen, Dog Shampoo

Sheepโ€™s Milk Bundle: Basil & Lemongrass, Lavender & Oatmeal, Rosemary & Mint

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