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Grandpa's Stuff: Maple Cream


โ€œThrough a careful process of boiling, cooling and patiently stirring. Grandpa transformed the maple syrup into a smooth, creamy maple spread.โ€

The longtime tradition of transforming liquid sap from maple trees into this magical, sweet and creamyย  spread, affectionately known as Grandpa's Stuff, has been produced for generations. It is a delightfully natural product with the ONLY ingredient being 100% Pure Fancy Vermont Maple Syrup, freshly tapped and boiled locally in Vermont.

Maple cream can be spread on such things as pancakes, toast, bagels, and even baked beans. At the Green Mountain Market, we like to heat some up and pour it over freshly popped popcorn, which makes it all more delicious by this wonderful tasting maple spread.

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  1. Kathy F. (verified owner)

    I added a teaspoon to some melted butter and poured it on some fresh hot popcorn ...to die for!!! Sweet and salty goodness!

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