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Corse Maple Farm

 About Corse Maple Farm 

Location: Whitingham, VT

The Corse Family has worked their farm since 1868. They have annual Maple Syrup production records posted in the sugarhouse beginning with the 1918 season. Currently Corse Maple Farm is owned and operated by Roy & Vanessa Corse.

It takes 12,000 or so taps to produce an annual crop of 4000 gallons of pure Vermont maple syrup. In order to produce this quantity of maple syrup, sap is collected from maple trees growing on our property as well as trees owned by other family members, friends, and neighbors. Some of these properties are adjacent to our farm and several are at other locations throughout the town of Whitingham, Vermont. We are very grateful to all these landowners for trusting us with the use of their property. Without the use of their maple trees we could not carry on the tradition.

We use a combination of time tested methods and time saving innovations to supply high quality maple syrup at an affordable price. Some of the sap is gathered in buckets and we also collect sap via a vacuum tubing system. We concentrate the sugar content of sap by removing water through reverse osmosis filtration prior to boiling over a wood fire. Producing our annual crop of maple syrup is a very labor intensive process and we depend heavily on the help of one full time employee, one full time seasonal worker, and several part time workers during the springtime season as needed. The hard work of maple production is a labor of love for these folks who seem to enjoy the annual camaraderie, excitement and challenge of producing a successful crop. For many of these people maple sugaring was also a tradition their ancestors depended on and enjoyed.